dinsdag 25 februari 2014

How to Quickly Manifest the Money for a Conference or Personal Development Event Without Going into Credit Card Debt

Vandaag wil ik een blog post delen die niet van mijzelf komt, maar geschreven is door Denise 'the Lucky Bitch' :-)

There are always so many inspiring events and conferences to go to – and those things can quickly add up, right? One of my dreams is to be able to attend any personal development I want (travelling First Class of course) without ever worrying about the money.
Are you the same?
Here’s a video I made talking about how I got to Tucson for a conference I really wanted to be at a few months ago. But I didn’t have the money!

The thing is – the extra cash to go to events as well as flights, accommodation and cocktail money is rarely hanging around. So you usually have to create the money out of thin air!
I’ve done this when I wanted to go to conferences in Vegas, New York, Dallas and Tuscon and it ALWAYS works. I’ve won the money, been given tickets out of the blue, had unexpected tax refunds and came up with creative ideas to earn it.

But I’ve always used the same practical process.
So, if you’ve got an event you’ve been pining to attend, follow these steps and you’ll be there, I promise!

Schedule it in your calendar

This is step number one, but easy to skip. It’s completely free and will take 10 seconds to block out the event (plus travel time) into your calendar.

Why is it so important?
By scheduling it, you’re making it real and you create energetic space for the event. You might find there’s a calendar clash you have to take care of, but at least you can take action now and avoid the drama later.
Start making your apologies now. Ask someone to cover for you, take notes at your class. Switch around your long-standing hair appointment. Make life easy for yourself now and clear any physical, emotional or energetic clutter from you being there.

The money won’t show up until you commit to going – not the other way around.

Get Practical + Book it!

PassportStart moving ahead and commit to the trip. RSVP, buy your ticket, tell the organiser you’ll be there. Make sure your passport is up to date. Arrange a baby/dog sitter.
Hell – start packing if you want!
Even if the money hasn’t materialised for the entire trip yet, you can always book your hotel with nothing more than a credit card number. Hotels usually don’t charge it before your stay and worse case scenario is you cancel your booking (usually without penalty 24-48 hours before). Organise with a friend to share a room or post that you’re looking for a room-mate.
Figure out what else you need to organise for your trip and pre-book that too, starting with whatever you can afford, even if it’s just pre-paying for the hotel shuttle. I usually book a hair appointment online, a lunch with a friend and any pre-event activities too.
If the conference or event offers payment plans or bring-a-friend discount, start organising that too. You’ll be bummed if you miss an early bird special because you were afraid of finding the rest of the money.
Why go to all this trouble?
It’s highly symbolic (even if it costs you nothing), but each new commitment is bringing you closer to actually being there. If you have no skin in the game, it’s unlikely you’ll move heaven and earth to be there, but if you’ve committed to another person or company, you won’t want to let them down.
It’s weird but event the thought of losing a $20 prebooked shuttle might make you more determined to find the rest of the money. You won’t want to tell your room mate she’ll have to find someone else. You’ll make it happen.
You’ll start to believe you’re actually going, because many other people just assume that you’ll be there!

Avoid temptations to cancel!

The Universe is testing you - Denise Duffield-ThomasAs soon as you do the above, you’ll start to receive some temptations and tests from the Universe to see if you really want to go. Someone will ask you to speak at an event, ask you to a cool party or an “important” family commitment will come up.
Trust me – this always happens, so just smile and recognise it for what it truly is!


Honestly, the Universe is just testing if you really want to go, so avoid temptation or let the doubt creep in.
Here’s where you have to be firm:
Don’t say:
I’m not sure if I can come. I’m planning to be in New York at that time
Maybe. I’m hoping to manifest the money to go to New York that weekend
I might be in New York then, I’ll let you know
You have to be really definite and instead reinstate your intention to be there:

I’m sorry, I can’t – I’m going to be in New York then.


See the difference?
One leaves room for ambiguity and uncertainty. The other is a strong declaration to the Universe! I’ve done this several times and saying no always gives me power to make it happen.
Funny story – When my friend Sue-Anne Gleason wanted to manifest the money for Rich, Happy + Hot in New York, she listened to New York State of Mind on repeat for a week. And yep, she manifested the money in all sorts of unlikely places.


Hustle and make it happen

Time to make the money to pay for it all – and every little bit helps.
Yes, an unexpected cheque might come in the post, but don’t leave it to chance, because the more effort you put in, the more the Universe will meet you half way.
Here are some ideas to generate the cash:
  • Announce a limited-time sale on your products + services
  • Create a new product pronto (speed + creativity = magic!)
  • Sell some stuff on ebay, Craig’s list, Amazon books, etc
  • Call in some debts
  • Get your tax refund organised
  • Ask for cash for your birthday instead of presents
  • Chase up expense claims at work (find some of those pesky receipts)
  • Clean up and declutter (there’s always money hanging around in odd places)

Dream & Get Excited

Put together an awesome dream board of all the things you’ll do on your trip. Tell your friends and family you’re going (you never know, someone might gift you some spending money!)
Print out the details and visualise yourself being there, travelling on the plane, meeting new friends. Feel that tingle of excitement in your belly and practice saying “I did it!”.

Believe you’re going to be there

Because it’s already happened. It’s done.
So, make it happen gorgeous!
Meet ya for coffee or a cocktail at the conference?


donderdag 20 februari 2014

FREE Audio CD: "How To Attract All The Clients You Need"

As you know Mannaz is a Not-For-Profit Charity dedicated to Education for Highly Sensitive Adolescents through the Mannaz School. 

Although tuition fees cover much of our operating expenses, the sustainability of our campus depends on charitable donations from those who care about Mannaz's mission. 
 Last year a lot of people made a donation to the school through offering something like a workshop for our online auction. 

 This year I came up with something that is more of a win-win for all parties involved. I built a website : mannaz.growcher.com. The site is based on the idea of eg Groupon. Have a quick look: http://mannaz.growcher.com/social-deals/advertise 

Fabienne Fredrickson, the Client Attraction Mentor and founder of ClientAttraction.com reacted to this by making a generous offer (well, free offer) that I think you'll really enjoy. She developed a step by step system for attracting clients to your small business - incorporating all the essential elements needed to ensure you have clients attracted to you. Fabienne is known for helping solo-preneuers around the world attract more clients, make more money and have more time off to enjoy it all. 

Fabienne has a FREE audio CD entitled "How to Attract All the Clients You Need." It retails for $24.95 and she is giving this away for FREE. Thousands of people have listened to it and have had dramatic results in their business as a result.

To get your copy of the free CD, please visit:

In this FREE audio CD Fabienne covers how she developed the system and reveals her secrets for attracting clients consistently and having your business work for you, as opposed to you always working for the business.

Here's that link again:


dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Time flies when you're having fun ...

Oooooo wat kan ik er toch van genieten om dingen te creëren !!  Ik krijg iedere keer weer eene norm gevoel van dankbaarheid en voldoening als een idee in mijn hoofd vorm krijgt en via mijn vingers een eigen bestaan gaat leiden.  HEERLIJK !!!

Zoals iedereen wellicht weet is Mannaz vzw een niet gesubsidieerde stichting – vzw,  gewijd aan onderwijs voor zeer gevoelige adolescenten via de Mannaz School.

Jaaaaa, nog zo'n geesteskindje van mij :-)

Hoewel het inschrijfgeld veel van onze bedrijfslasten dekt, is de duurzaamheid van onze school  toch deels afhankelijk van charitatieve donaties van mensen die zich aangesproken voelen door de Mannaz missie.  Met andere woorden, van GELD dus.

Vorig jaar hebben we vooral gewerkt via onze online veiling.  Mensen schonken iets gratis weg.  Anderen konden dan bieden.  De eerste veiling was fantastisch en bracht meer dan 800 euro binnen.  Maar het was een werk van lange adem.  Steeds opnieuw mensen contacteren.  Bij ieder bod de website aanpassen.  Tien keer per dag mijn mails openen en dan iedere keer maar hopen dat ik niet over het hoofd had gezien.  Leuk, maar chaotisch en vermoeiend voor iemand als ik :-

Dit jaar wilde ik dus iets aanbieden wat meer een win-win situatie is voor alle betrokken partijen.  En iets wat ik meer kon automatiseren.

Daarom bouwde ik een website: mannaz.growcher.com.  De site is gebaseerd op het idee van bv Groupon en Vouchers.   Mensen bieden iets online aan, wie geïnteresseerd is kan kopen.  En de website regelt verder alles.

En iedereen is zo enthousiast als ik ben !!!  Binnen een paar dagen konden we deze deals aanbieden: 












Aan de rechter kant zie je onze aanbiedingen staan.   

Een aanbieding plaatsen is helemaal gratis.  Mannaz neemt 25% commissie op elke verkoop.  Het zou super zijn mochten wij ook iets uit uw aanbod mogen opnemen.
Ik ken een heleboek beginnende coachen en therapeuten die extra klanten kunnen gebruiken.  Maar ook voor wie al langer in hetvak zit is het tegenwoordig best wel een uitdaging om je workshops of lezingen vol te krijgen.

Het zou mij dan ook heel veel plezier geven mocht u de link naar de Growcher site willen doorsturen naar andere coachen/therapeuten/collega's.

Voor alle duidelijkheid: dit is de link: http://mannaz.growcher.com/
Warme groet!